Educational Talks

The importance of correct postural alignment, ergonomics and spinal care

An informative lecture about basic anatomy and biomechanics, focussing on how the body moves and functions. The lecture will give you a better knowledge and understanding to help you to take responsibility for your spine. The lecture will be adapted according to the specific audience to incorporate information about work and home environments. 

Top sport performance and injury prevention (athletes and/or coaches)

An educational talk about the correlation between injury prevention and top sport performance. It encompasses basic anatomy and biomechanics to improve understanding and application in daily life, sport and the gym. Sound knowledge regarding immediate care of acute injuries, training methods and recovery will form part of this lecture.

Women’s health educational talks

An interactive lecture about the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor. The different symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and the pelvic floor as part of the deepest core cylinder will be explained. The importance of correct breathing techniques and the handling of intra-abdominal pressure whilst exercising are discussed.

Neuro-pain education

The difference between acute and chronic pain is explained and the influence of the nervous system and our brains on our experience of pain is discussed. Activities and changes that need to be made for improvement and recovery are elaborated on. 

Concept of Workability (return to work rehabilitation)

The aim of workability as outcome based is explained. The main focus is to restore function of the injured employee to safely return to work as soon as possible. This benefits both the client and employer. This lecture also gives insight to doctors and employers working with injured employees.


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