Healthy Pregnancy

Exercises during pregnancy

The advantages of exercising before and during pregnancy include a decrease in muscle and joint pain, increased endurance during labour and accelerated recovery post-partum. Both Pilates and Aquatic therapy meet the criteria for safe regimes during this time. We need strong abdominal muscles to protect the spine as your baby and belly grow.

Treatment of aches & pains commonly occurring during pregnancy

We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and pelvic joint pains caused by postural changes and hormonal influences, as well as any dysfunction of the pelvic floor.

Normal labour → breathing to release

There is a misconception that strong abdominal muscles will help you during labour, when in fact uterine contractions and pelvic floor relaxation is mostly responsible for the normal delivery process. It is therefore important to learn how to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Diaphragmatic breathing is taught to assist this process.

Post natal services

The body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy, labour/caesarean and caring for the newborn. A range of treatments are available to assist with breast-feeding issues, neck and back pain, and pelvic floor pain and dysfunction. 

Getting back to exercises after birth

During and after a delivery the deep core muscles (inner cylinder) lose some of their integrity, and need to be strengthened. It is necessary to regain control of intra-abdominal pressure before moving on to traditional excercise and cardiovascular fitness. Both Pilates and Aquatic therapy offer safe excercise regimes for this process.


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