History of the practice

The practice was established on 1 September 1993 from a cottage at Anna’s home. Molly Hugo joined Anna a year later and is still involved, contributing knowledge, wisdom and guidance. From the very beginning, it was clear that there was need to incorporate rehabilitation as part of physio treatment. In the early years, Anna also completed a 6 month Personal Trainer Course in order to gain a better understanding of what is available to patients, to help them to bridge the gap between the end of therapy and being able to get back to an active lifestyle. The practice also partnered with a biokenetisist to optimize teh rehabilitation porgram. .

The practice continued to grow and is now priveleged to host a well-equipped pilates studio (since March 2011), which forms part of our holistic approach to teaching clients how to have a strong, fully functional body. The Women’s Health department was added to incorporate the deepest core structure in the rehabilitation process, and also to treat symptoms of dysfunction.

In september 2018 we filled in the swimming pool to free up space in order to improve our rehabilitation facilities. 

We have embraced the holistic approach and work closely with specialists, doctors, dieticians, occupational therapists, mental performance coaches, sport coaches, biokineticists or personal trainers who are all involved in the patient’s healing process.