What do our physiotherapy services include? 

We have a bio-psycho-social approach to physiotherapy. We treat patients with a holistic approach, looking medically at tissue damage, phsychosocial involvement, education and a focus on optimal movement and function. Our services are aimed at treating the root of the problem and not only treating the symptoms. 

Conditions that we treat

We treat a wide variety of acute/chronic musculoskeletal conditions, sport injuries, chest conditions and sinusitis (children and adults), neurological conditions (adult and children), lymphedema therapy ...

Tariffs and treatment duration

Because there are so many variables that must be taken into consideration, it is only possible to determine your specific treatment codes (tariff) and treatment duration after a consultation and evaluation. Our aim is to help you to help yourself. It is important to treat your immediate symptoms, but the education and rehabilitation exercises are the long term solution to keep you going, without our help!

What makes our physiotherapy practice different?

As a group we are passionate about life and the way the body moves, adding quality to our lives. We truly believe in the miracle of the body, in its uniqueness and the ability to heal itself once you have a better understanding of how it functions. We can help you in this discovery process, to motivate and assist you to take control and responsibility for you own body and health on your way to independence.


Simplify your life using our tips and practical "tricks". Easy to apply and easy to maintain, these hacks will definately make a difference in your quality of life whether male or female, young or old.


We welcome feedback from our patients and always endevour to only "give our best". Some more text about testimonial.