What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method that engages the body both mentally and physically. The benefits include body awareness, strengthening of the core postural muscles, developing proper alignment, increased flexibility and balance, and improved oxygenation through focused breathing techniques. The greatest benefit lies in the application of these new patterns while performing everyday tasks.

Is Pilates for everyone?

Yes, Pilates is for literally for everyone. The method and sequence of exercises include different levels of strength and competency to challenge people with any level of competency and strength. 

Pilates as rehabilitation, injury prevention and continuous exercises

Pilates integrates the whole body by focusing on activating and connecting the parts of the body that should be the strongest first, these areas are your CORE STABILISERS. These muscles are the key to provide an anchor from which the arms and legs can pull and push.

The aim of our Pilates studio

As Physiotherapists, coming from a medical background, our real focus is on correcting muscle activation patterns, restoring the balance between strength and flexibility, and controlling pain. We would like you to grasp the magic of your body and how you can take control of its movement patterns.

Our Pilates studio

Our pilates studio has a wide variety of apparatus and instructors, including classes for different levels of competence to challenge the body through a safe and continuously progressive system.


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