What does the concept “top sport performance” mean?

To achieve top sport performance, you must be able to transform every bit of energy into speed and power, accurately in a specific direction, consistently over time! And you must be able to stay injury free!

What places the athlete at risk for injury?

It is usually a combination of three groups of factors, some are amendable and others need to be considered as they remain relatively fixed and make us unique. 

The management and frustration of injuries

  1. Management of acute injuries – POLICE principle
  2. The frustration of chronic injuries
  3. Conditions to take into consideration
  4. Management principles
  5. The importance of good biomechanics
  6. Rehabilitation is the key to full recovery

Injury prevention: the way to go

To be a top sportsman you need to stay injury free and this is often one of the greatest challenges. Our PILATES REHABILITATION PROGRAM connects with your deepest core to optimize your movement patterns to create a strong, functional body. True stability gives you freedom of motion. 


Simplify your life using our tips and practical "tricks". Easy to apply and easy to maintain, these hacks will definately make a difference in your quality of life whether male or female, young or old.


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