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"We believe in being challenged, to be wary of too much comfort, as it holds us back! Therefore we have a dynamic atmosphere and environment within the practice, we are always open for a challenge and a new opportunity to serve!"
~ Anna

the history of our practice

Anna Swanepoel

The practice was established on 1 September 1993 from a cottage at my home. Molly joined me a year later and is still involved, contributing knowledge, wisdom and guidance. As we realised the need for rehabilitation, I completed a six-month Personal Trainer Course as the start of incorporating rehabilitation actively into the practice and our treatment protocols.

The practice continued to grow, and we even had an Indoor heated Aquatic rehabilitation pool at one stage, which was an amazing experience and journey! The Pilates studio has also came to life, and we are now very privileged to host a well-equipped Pilates studio (since March 2011), which forms part of our holistic approach to teach clients how to have a strong, functional body to live independently.

"Thank's Molla-doll for 28 amazing years working along side you….just a huge priviledge!"

" If you love what you do, how can you call it work …."

Anna's Journey

believe in the impossible

I started my journey more than 30 years ago without really knowing what Physiotherapy entails, but from the start I enjoyed every moment of the road! I quickly realized how privileged I was to be working so closely with people, with their body, what they think and how they feel … I also realized that only treating symptoms and not empowering, rehabilitating and challenging people to do and think differently, is not truly helping them, they will only feel better for a while and then the pain will be all back! It really became my life’s purpose, to equip people with a better understanding of their body and brain, and equip them with knowledge and exercises to help themselves – and to walk the road with them, through the not always so easy road of recovery for a better quality life!
"Living with hope is living with anticipation of what can be. living with faith is relaxing into what is, that cannot be changed by our will, and knowing that life in all it’s fullness is good….”

“You are either growing or dying….”

Our Vision

Our vision as physiotherapists is to have a holistic approach: to treat the root CAUSES of your injuries and not only the SYMPTOMS, and to work with your goals, dreams and fears. We believe in educating you to have a better understanding of the functioning and caring of your brain and body to facilitate long term healing. We also want you to realize the importance and magic of good postural habits and how to keep your body “content” through sufficient movement and exercise. By strengthening the body from the deepest core whilst teaching functional movement patterns, our bodies can maintain a pain-free state while moving effectively.

Excellence driven as a life-long student – Stimulating Growth

As a life-long student, Anna has done numerous courses always seeking for a better understanding of the body. Some of the One-year post graduate courses that she did was OMT (Musculo-skeletal), Sport, Aquatic therapy, Women’s Health and Neuro Pain education. Her passion for movement has led to one of the best equipped Pilates studio in South Africa – giving the people of Bloemfontein the opportunity to do group classes on all the original Pilates equipment – one of the very few studio’s in the country giving that service. They have been expanding their knowledge and expertise in Neurorehabilitation and has partner with Citymed-Subacute Rehabilitation Hospital as Bounceback Rehab team. Also, just an amazing journey!

Accredited and Quality Assurance

We are a dynamic practice, and we, as physiotherapists, keep ourselves up to date with the latest research by reading articles and attending courses. We also have an active in-service CPD registered training program to maintain a high quality of treatment and to ensure that all therapist and personnel share in the same vision for the practice. The practice has just completed its accreditation process with the South African Physiotherapy Society – one of the few practices in the country.

… I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made …. Ps 139:14

...we want to help you, to help yourself...To be independent, to manage your own condition!

Self wellness, care and injury prevention is not a luxury but a necessity. Contact us to book a consultation. We are a dynamic team that cares.


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