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fully qualified Biokineticist


Biokineticists are human-movement specialists who prescribe exercise and movement patterns either as a preventative health measure or to correct a health problem such as a sports injury, recovery from an operation, disease, or illness. Biokineticists goal is to promote health and quality of life and have an individualised-goal orientated process.


Emma started her journey with “Movement to heal” after she suffered from a shoulder injury as a competitive swimmer and experience the frustration and “depressed” feelings of not being able to do what you want to do!

That was part of her decision to become a Biokineticist, and to help people that is going through the same frustrations! She finished her studies as a fully qualified Biokineticist at 2018. She enjoyed working with people but realised there was still something missing for her – the mindful deeper connection to make movement effortless. Her search for this lead her to discover Pilates which she initially wanted to use as a tool in her Biokineticist toolbox. She completed her full comprehensive Pilates course in 2019 and really fell in love with Pilates – but actually changing it around that Biokinetics became a tool in her Pilates toolbox as all movement has to start with a mindful deep connection, proper breathing and then effortless movement will follow!

Emma started  working at Anna Swanepoel Physioterapists in 2020 – and immediately there was magic, as they share the same passion for movement! This passion for movement is what drives her to learn more and more about the body every day. Pilates is a way of living for Emma, as Pilates creates so much body awareness, improve your breathing capacity, is all functional movements which has a direct effect on you daily functioning, and as a result on decreased pain.

As a qualified Biokineticist, Emma can claim Rehab sessions (one-on-one sessions) when struggling with specific pains and pathology from your Medical aid (this is dependent from your Medical aids specific plan). She uses all the Pilates equipment and techniques in the rehabilitation process.

Emma is our bubbly Biokineticist who welcomes anybody with excitement to come and experience the magic of movement through Pilates.


Start by contacting reception to make your booking.

If you have a referral letter please bring along, if not, no problem, ANY ONE is welcome, and we are very excited to welcome you into our studio.

We will start with a thorough assessment of the body, injury and movement patterns.

After assessment we will kick off with your Bio-Pilates rehab journey to meet your desired goals. Depending on each individual case, a few individual sessions might be necessary, but we also recommend the Pilates classes as a maintenance tool for your body to stay as functional as possible, for as long as possible.


Yes, your sessions can be claimed from your medical aid depending on each funds specifics.


We believe in improving your physical health whatever the injury or diagnosis. Using exercise and movement as a treatment will benefit you in the short and long term. We believe that educating the body is the best medicine for creating awareness to bring those changes into your everyday lifestyle. This is where the magic happens.

Bio-pilates is for EVERYONE!

...we want to help you, to help yourself...To be independent, to manage your own condition!

Self wellness, care and injury prevention is not a luxury but a necessity. Contact us to book a consultation. We are a dynamic team that cares.


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