Giving birth is a gift from God. A healthy strong pelvic floor, effective breathing patterns, as well as a functional strong body is the key to an uncomplicated pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy and “breathing to release” is part of the whole specialised Woman’s health spectrum of treatment options. Women’s physical wellbeing is challenged on many levels from hormones to the unique stresses from pregnancy, carrying and caring for our kids, to be the lover for your husband, to work responsibilities and emotional carer, and many more.

Our Women’s health therapists evaluate and treat the musculoskeletal disorders that may occur to women throughout their lifespan, with specialised understanding of the physiological differences, to be able to provide treatment and rehabilitation. The health concerns of women are widely varied and can include everyone from young athletes to postmenopausal women.

Main Aim

We aim to assist you on your journey through pregnancy (anti-natal), labour, and post-natal with the recovery process to have a strong functional pelvic floor and proper core stabilisers to manage the demands of being a mother and wife! This will happen through a combination of physical hands-on treatments, education, and rehabilitation.


A thorough assessment of your woman’s health history is key to a successful treatment outcome. There are two sections to the assessment process. A subjective assessment about the history of any pregnancies, previous miscarriages, nature and behaviour of any pain symptoms, as well as psycho-social factors. An objective assessment looking at the joint gliding and integrity, muscle stabilization, strength and flexibility, neural integrity, and dynamics as well as biomechanical assessment of movement patterns. After the assessment a diagnosis is made, the different treatment options are explained, and a treatment plan is discussed with the patient. The above is dependant to the need and requirements of the patient (more medical relevant) or client (more exercise relevant for Pilates).



• Low back pain
• Symphysis pubic dysfunction
• Sacro-iliac joint pain
• Pelvic floor exercises as key for a normal labour process
• Diastasis recti symptoms & education
• Posture education through the journey
• Pregnancy pilates group / private sessions


As preparation for labour “breathing to release”
All the different breathing patterns are taught for the different stages of the labour process.

Post-Natal Care, Treatment Options & Rehabilitation Back To Normal Life

• Post-labour activation of deepest core including breathing & pelvic floor exercises
• Ultrasound for engorged breasts and mastitis
• Laser therapy for cracked nipples
• Advice & rehabilitation for diastasis recti
• Low back pain
• Symphysis pubic dysfunction
• Sacro-iliac joint pain
• Post rehabilitation exercises & advice to return you to your normal state – physiotherapist / biokineticist
• Pilates beginners, intermediate and advance group classes or private sessions


The advantages of exercising before and during pregnancy include a decrease in muscle and joint pain, increased endurance during labour and accelerated recovery post-partum. Pilates meets the criteria for a safe regime during this time. We need strong abdominal muscles to protect the spine as your baby and belly grow.



Apart from keeping your body strong and functional with our Pregnancy Pilates group, we also incorporate the different breathing techniques needed for the labour process in combination with pelvic floor exercises for a strong pelvic floor-brain connection, as we need this for an optimal labour process!  It is really one of the best and safest ways to teach your body what it needs to assist and prepare you through your pregnancy and birth process. Anna is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and has incorporated that knowledge within the classes.

Emma is a fully qualified Biokineticist and uses all the Pilates equipment and technique in the rehabilitation process. Your rehab sessions can even be claimed from your medical aid depending on the fund.

"We treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and pelvic joint pains caused by postural changes and hormonal influences, as well as any dysfunction of the pelvic floor."


"There is a misconception that you need strong abdominal muscles “to push your baby out”, when in fact it is the uterus contractions and the pelvic floor relaxation, with the correct bearing down- and breathing technique that is important for the labour process."


Lack of knowledge “Pelvic flaws” is not a general topic of discussion among people. There are many misinterpretations about how your pelvic floor muscles work and what their biomechanical functions are. Knowledge is power, so if you are unsure, please contact us for an appointment. 

During your consultation and treatment, our team will provide relevant information and guidance to empower you with the knowledge that you need to improve your quality of life.

...we want to help you, to help yourself...To be independent, to manage your own condition!

Self wellness, care and injury prevention is not a luxury but a necessity. Contact us to book a consultation. We are a dynamic team that cares.


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