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Nadine Waddell

Practice Manager

I am the Practice Manager at Anna Swanepoel Physiotherapists. I am dynamic and very adaptable to what life brings to me! I highly value loyalty and honesty.

I started off working at reception and later accepted the post as Practice Manager. Being task driven within a neat and orderly workspace, I like to get things done timeously. I like things “Short and Sweet and to the Point”! Keeping a clear head in my busy day, is important, but not always possible…. that’s why we are human….

I enjoy a good glass of wine and food with friends and family.  I value my close inner circle of friends with whom I spend a lot of time with.  I love to share laughter; life is serious enough as it is…  We grow through what we go through!!!!

“if not now, when?”

Reinette Venter

Financial and Accounts Manager

Being the new member to the team, I see myself as an enthusiastic and very passionate person! Although I work in the finance department of the practice, I love to work with people and come along very well with almost everyone! I am a good listener and always try to help where help is needed. Loyalty towards the company and my colleagues is an important value to me. I thank the Lord every day for all the blessings he sends across my road. 

I love being outdoors and my family is my pride and joy.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God. Leo Buscaglia.” 

Annelene Thomas


I have been working at reception for almost four years now.  During my first week I realized that this place is no joke!

It is like a full-on locomotive running at a pace, it reminds me of a train station, passengers climbing on and off the whole time and we endeavor to ensure our patients and us reach their right destination and full potential!  So, we are literally on a roll! 

Being one of the first faces you see when visiting our practice, I strive to create a welcoming and heartwarming atmosphere the moment you walk into the practice, assisting you, till you leave the practice with a bright big smile, keen for their next visit.

Working at Anna Physios is truly a blessing, I think all the girls (as we are all females) get along very well and we are one mean team. I am also the proud mother of 2 beautiful sons!

“Choose kindness and laugh often.”

Anna Bekker


I have been working at Anna Swanepoel Physiotherapists for almost 11 years. It has been a privilege to work at this amazing practice with all the amazing people!

I enjoy working with people, which is part of my job at reception! Always trying to help and assist you in a caring environment, while with us!

I love the outdoors and enjoy nature. And I am the proud Grandmother of 7 grandchildren, which is the love of my life!!!

“Never give up on yourself. Expect nothing and appreciate everything.”


...we want to help you, to help yourself...To be independent, to manage your own condition!

Self wellness, care and injury prevention is not a luxury but a necessity. Contact us to book a consultation. We are a dynamic team that cares.


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