We target the main issues and not just the symptoms

At Anna Swanepoel Physiotherapists, we treat ALL MUSCULO-SKELETAL CONDITIONS. Physiotherapy is the treatment of mechanical dysfunction, injury, or pathology by physical methods such as joint mobilization and manipulations, soft tissue and fascia release, dry needling, and rehabilitation exercises rather than by drugs or surgery.

Anna Physios has a holistic, patient-centred, bio-psycho-social approach to the treatment and rehabilitation plan of their patients. Our services are aimed at treating the root of the problem and not only your symptoms and to equip you with knowledge and an understanding of your true problem and not just to feel better. Better understanding forms the foundation and motivation to actively participate in your rehabilitation exercise program for a long term solution.

We aim to return you to optimal function through a combination of physical hands-on treatments, education, and rehabilitation.


Walk with us as we guide you to better health and wellness


We begin our physiotherapy programme with a thorough assessment. This is a key to a successful treatment outcome. There are two sections to the assessment process. A subjective assessment about the history of onset, nature, behavior of symptoms and psycho-social factors. An objective assessment looking at the joint gliding and integrity, muscle stabilization, strength and flexibility, neural integrity and dynamics as well as biomechanical assessment of movement patterns. After the assessment a diagnosis is made, the different treatment options are explained and a treatment plan is discussed with the patient.

Joint Gliding and Integrity

Manual joint mobilization therapy is an essential part to improve and restore joint-, muscle- and movement dysfunction. The necessary stabilization exercises usually accompany these dysfunctions for a long term solution.

Fascia Release (Myofascial)

Myofascial release provides the relieve of tension, stiffness and pain within the muscle. This will lead to greater mobility and flexibility within the muscle which will impact pain and movement patterns. Myofascial release is done by a combination of ischemic pressure, soft tissue mobilization, massage and stretching techniques. These techniques are used for greater range of motion and muscle relaxation.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a very effective physiotherapy technique, which is done to stimulate the body's own physiological healing processes. This is used very effectively to treat pain in many acute and chronic conditions. This therapy allows the physiotherapist to release trigger points in deep layers of muscles that would be hard to reach with hands-on therapy only


Electrotherapy is used to compliment all other forms of physical treatment. It is done by using specific electrical stimulation and ultrasound to reduce pain, increase blood circulation and accelerate healing. It is also specifically indicated for the treatment of Bell’s Palsy and other nerve pathologies.

Muscle Stabilization

Stabilization training is an active form of physical therapy designed to strengthen the deeper muscles to support the spine and joints, and help prevent injuries and treat pain. Stabilizing muscles are very easily overlooked, but forms the foundation for optimal movement patterns. The deeper core muscles holds you upright, and while giving support and creates an strong stabilizing for optimal force generation of the levers (arms and legs). This ensures improved alignment and a long term solution to biomechanical dysfunction.

Strength And Flexibility

There is an integral relationship between flexibility and strength. If there is an imbalance between the two, injuries are likely to occur. Improving strength and flexibility when injured will help with recovery and restore function around the injured site. This is a team effort between our physiotherapists and patients where hands-on treatment and an exercise program is utilized.

Neural Integrity And Dynamics (Neurodynamics)

Neurodynamics refers to the communication between different parts of the nervous system, as well as the relationship of the nervous system with the musculoskeletal system. Neurodynamic exercises is the mobilisation of the nervous system as an approach to physical treatment of pain. The treatment influences pain physiology via the mechanical treatment of neural tissues and non-neural structures surrounding the nervous system.

Biomechanical Assessment

Good biomechanics is key to optimal force generation and injury prevention. A biomechanical assessment is a detailed assessment of an individual's alignment in standing, walking, or running and is used to help with the diagnosis and treatment plan for pain and pathology. Our physiotherapists will look at the position of your hips, legs, knees, and feet in standing and how they move in walking or running. A treatment programme will then be implemented to improve your biomechanics, treat your pain and to prevent any further injuries. The same biomechanical assessment applies to the spine, as well as the shoulder girdle.

Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic assessments are aimed at reducing the risk of injury during daily activities at work and home. Advice is given on how to adjust your working environment to apply good postural alignment and include mobility exercises during the day. Proper car set-up, computer set-up and Back-mechanics for optimal alignment and energy efficiency, is included in our Ergonomic empowerment and treatment programme.

Pilates Rehab Program

Our Physio Team may refer you to our Pilates Team for post treatment rehabilitation. Pilates integrates the whole body by focusing on activating and connecting the parts of the body that should be the strongest first, these areas are your core stabalisers. These muscles are the key for strengthening core stability and create a strong functional body. Pilates is entirely optional.


forms the foundation of EMPOWERMENT! This is all to help you create a long term solution!

Empowerment is to teach a patient about their condition to have a better understanding of it, as well as how to manage it, and as a result have the confidence to manage their condition independently. This forms part of each and every kind of treatment you will receive with us!

...we want to help you, to help yourself...To be independent, to manage your own condition!

Self wellness, care and injury prevention is not a luxury but a necessity. Contact us to book a consultation. We are a dynamic team that cares.


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