Strengthening the body from the deepest core, improve body alignment, increase flexibility and balance.

Pilates is a way of living… Pilates is an exercise method that engages the body mentally and physically. It strengthens the body from the deepest core postural muscles, improve proper body alignment, increase flexibility and balance, and improve oxygenation through focused breathing techniques. However, the greatest benefit does not only lie in performing these exercises, but in applying these new patterns in your everyday tasks.

“Ideally, our muscles should obey our will. Reasonably, our will should not be dominated by the reflex over-dominant movement patterns and muscles, sometimes coming from hi level of sport or just bad postural habits.” – Joseph Pilates


Pilates believed in the power of our minds to control our bodies. He proved his theory time and again through years of research and training, and his legacy has been passed down through his students.

Joseph Pilates began developing his exercise system in Germany in the early 1900’s. Plagued by asthma and rickets as a child, Pilates’ method sprang from his determination to strengthen his frail and sickly body. He named this “The Art of Contrology”, to highlight his unique approach of using the mind to master the muscles.

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Why Pilates?

Pilates integrates the whole body by focusing on activating and connecting the deepest parts of the body that should be the strongest first, these areas are your core stabilisers. These muscles are the key to provide an anchor from which the arms and legs can effectively pull and push.

Strong postural muscles and proper breathing goes hand in hand, which enhance your awareness of a good body alignment during the day, and as a result gives effortless movement throughout the day!

• Concentration – all movements originates from the mind
• Centering – to connect the entire body to the “centre”/the core
• Control – postural control as well as control of all movements
• Precision – work “smarter” not “harder”
• Flow of movement – work smoothly and efficiently
• Breathing – specific breathing techniques are taught to maximise core stability and improve oxygenation
• Alignment – to restore muscle balance that will hold the joints in their optimal alignment
• Relaxation – to release unwanted tension from the body and lengthen short tight muscles

• Develops every aspect of physical fitness: stability, strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility and endurance (excluding cardio-vascular fitness)
• Heightens body awareness to improve and correct alignment of the whole body
• Teaches correct muscle activation and enhances control
• Improves balance and proprioception
• Improves physical health, circulation and breathing capacity
• Offers a vehicle for concentration and focus
• Promotes relaxation and the release of tension
• Helps keep musculature and bone structure in an optimal state
• A stronger, leaner, longer lasting body

Pilates has a holistic approach to the body which includes stabilisation, movement and breathing. The main difference between Pilates and Yoga is that Pilates incorporates functional movement patterns for the whole body like the spine and limbs, while Yoga is about flexibility and static poses which you breath into.

Pilates is also about anchoring of the ‘core’ which results in flexibility and effortless movement. Yoga incorporates meditation and active relaxation into its regime while Pilates is about focus, concentration, and body awareness to release tension and to enjoy and appreciate the magic of God’s creation, your body, through movement.


Yes, Joseph Pilates developed the method during World War I, with non-ambulatory patients in hospital, using the hospital bed springs for support and resistance. The method and sequence of exercises has since expanded to include different levels of strength and competency to even challenge elite athletes and sportsmen, especially those who struggle with muscle dominance patterns.


We have our Group classes with many options available a week. Private Pilates sessions which are individualized. Semi-private sessions which are perfect for friends and family to challenge one another. We have multiple packages available, with some discount options to get you started with your journey with us.

Is Pilates for Men?

Josef Pilates, the founder of Pilates, was a cigar smoking boxer. Pilates was designed and has its origin from the male background

Group Classes

Our group classes is a cost efficient way to maintain your health and wellness. We have different levels (beginners, intermediate and advance) and time slots, to strengthen your body in a safe but challenging way!

Private Pilates

One on one, duos or trios sessions with your Pilates Instructor is the ultimate way in achieving your goals to a healthy lifestyle. Ideal for rehabilitation as well as injury prevention.

Pregnancy Pilates

One of the best and safest ways to teach your body what it needs to assist and prepare you through your pregnancy and birth process. Anna is a Women’s Health Physio and has incorporated her knowledge within these classes.

Sports Pilates

Top Sport performance and Injury prevention! Pilates is all about Injury-prevention. Activating from the deepest core, working on alignment and eccentrically strengthening the body.

Rebounding Pilates

Coming soon! Watch this space…. The Rebounder Trampoline will be incorporated in some of our group classes for a cardio tweak and for loads of fun!


Pilates integrates the whole body by focusing on activating and connecting the deepest parts of the body first, these areas are your CORE STABILISERS. These muscles are the key to provide an anchor from which the arms and legs can effectively pull and push.

Pilates as a
progressive system

Everyone has to start with the basics where they need to learn to connect from deep within, we call this Pilates rehabilitation or basic Pilates. Progression takes place at the individual's own pace and need – always challenging the body and brain to keep focusing on anchoring and lengthening the spine as you start moving. You will work your way through intermediate to advanced level where you will truly experience a challenge. Pilates can be done as the only form of exercise for a functionally strong body, or as a platform for other sporting, agility and power training regimes.

Pilates as
injury prevention

Top sport performance and injury prevention is interrelated. Injury prevention or pre-habilitation is one of the most effective ways of preventing injuries and saving money in the long run. Bad postural habits & repetitive sporting actions lead to muscle dominance which results in shearing forces on the body and predispose to injuries.

It would be ideal to work individually or in smaller sport specific groups to enhance the workout for the specific needs and challenges of a specific sport. Lever arm strength should be incorporated into sport specific programs. It is important that the participants of the group is focused and realize the value of Pilates!


Best Pilates Studio in SA

One of the best equipped Pilates studio’s in SA, for private, semi- private and group classes. All the original Pilates equipment is available and is used during our group classes and sessions! Our Pilates studio is not only for our patients, but for anyone who would like to experience the benefits of a strong functional body. This includes the young and old, thin and overweight, from ordinary people to top sportsmen. 

Medical Background

We teach all the Pilates principles, but all our medical and biomechanical knowledge is incorporated within our teaching to provide a better understanding and a deeper experience.

For All Levels

We have different levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced to strengthen your body in a safe but challenging way! There are many group class options to choose from, to fit your lifestyle!


Emma is a fully qualified Biokineticist and uses all the Pilates equipment and technique in the rehabilitation process. Your sessions can even be claimed from your medical aid depending on the fund.

...we want to help you, to help yourself...To be independent, to manage your own condition!

Self wellness, care and injury prevention is not a luxury but a necessity. Contact us to book a consultation. We are a dynamic team that cares.


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